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While every DUI case has its unique set of circumstances, the ultimate objective is consistent: mitigating the adverse effects of a DUI arrest on your life. This typically involves either reducing the charges or getting them dismissed entirely.

Common DUI Charges

Kevin Churchill vigorously defends against all DUI charges in Arvada and nearby areas of Jefferson County in Colorado. He has over two decades of experience representing clients with DUI and DWAI charges to make sure they don’t get unwarranted convictions and penalties. He examines all the evidence carefully to advise clients in order to obtain the best outcome possible. Having a conviction for drunk driving can have significant negative impacts on your life, beyond just the legal outcomes. People accused of driving under the influence in Arvada are often just everyday individuals, such as delivery drivers and others who rely on driving for their family incomes. 

Kevin Churchill has over 24 years of experience representing those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Colorado. He has extensive knowledge and expertise from representing thousands of clients in Jeffco and neighboring counties. This extensive experience helps him to know what to look for in the evidence, and to identify potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

The laws for driving under the influence in Colorado have become more strict. This means that people convicted of DUI in Arvada will have more severe penalties than they would have had before. If charged with DUI in Jefferson County, it is more important than ever before that you have a DUI attorney who is an expert in these laws. There are stiffer mandatory minimum jail sentences and an increased likelihood of losing your driver’s license for DUI convictions. Arvada is predominantly a driving town with limited public transportation options, and destinations are often too spread out to efficiently bike to places. Residents here understand how difficult it would be to get to the grocery store, get the kids to soccer at Stenger, get to Apex to work out, or get yourself to work anywhere in Metro Denver without being able to drive. Additionally, DUI convictions can impact professional licenses held by individuals such as nurses, doctors, or pilots. It is so important that you have an expert DUI lawyer in Jefferson County to help you. Kevin Churchill has handled thousands of DUI and DWAI cases in Jefferson County and the Front Range. If you are facing DUI charges in Arvada, you should call Mr. Churchill for a free consultation. 

Experienced DUI Lawyers in Arvada, CO

If you are charged with DUI or DWAI in Arvada, it is crucial to have a defense attorney with expertise in this particular field of law. Skilled DUI lawyers possess knowledge in evidentiary, criminal, and constitutional law. They also must understand the science behind blood alcohol tests, as well as the Arvada Police Department’s DUI arrest procedures. Each individual’s case is unique, but the goal of your attorney is unwavering: to get you the best possible result in your DUI case, whether that is reduced penalties or a complete dismissal, and to minimize the impact of a DUI arrest on your life.

If you are found guilty of a DUI in Arvada, you can lose your driver’s license and have to serve time in jail, even if it is your first offense. While the ultimate goal of your attorney is to help you avoid a conviction for DUI or DWAI, that is not always possible. So, we are also dedicated to helping to minimize the penalties from the Jefferson County courts and the Colorado DMV. An expert DUI attorney like Kevin Chuchill knows the intricacies of the laws in Colorado for driving while intoxicated, so he can  help get you the best result in your case. 

A DUI attorney must evaluate the case from many angles. The first evaluation is whether there was reasonable suspicion or probable cause to pull you over while driving, or whether the interaction with police was handled correctly. If there was not reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop, most evidence against you can’t be used, so this usually leads to a dismissal of charges. A lawyer with expertise in DUI cases knows the critical components to look for, and can file the appropriate motions, which could eliminate or reduce your charges. Similarly, a skilled DUI defense attorney knows what to challenge in breath tests, blood tests, field sobriety tests, police procedures, and evidence collection.


A DUI charge is a misdemeanor or felony offense that could lead to serving significant time in jail. Having experienced representation could make the difference between going to jail or avoiding it. For example, if you are convicted and your blood alcohol content (BAC) is over 0.20 nanograms per milliliter, there is a 10-day mandatory jail sentence. However, a skilled attorney may be able to facilitate you serving that sentence as in-home detention, rather than in the Jefferson County Jail. 

Colorado DMV

If you are charged with DUI or DWAI in Arvada, you could lose your driver’s license. You have the right to request a DMV hearing, independent from your court case, but you must complete that request within seven days. That seven-day countdown begins when you are arrested if you did a breath test at the Arvada Police Department Headquarters or refused a test. However if you had a blood test, the seven days begins when your blood test results come back, which can be many weeks. 


A DUI criminal case involves specialized evidence that is unique to these cases. It is important to hire a lawyer with expertise in DUI and DWAI cases, to help you to get the best result possible in your case.

National College for DUI Defense
Case results
Not Guilty
DUI Charge
Client turned the wrong way on a one-way street, colliding with another vehicle, then into a tree. Client refused a blood or breath test.
Case Dismissed
DUI Charge
Client drives moving truck off the road into a ditch. Client refused both a blood or breath test, and refused roadside tests.
Dismissed at Motions Hearing
DUI Charge
Client pulled over for expired plates. Client took a breath test with results well over the legal limit.
Not Guilty
DUI Charge
Client found at his vehicle changing a flat tire. Client shows obvious signs of impairment and tested over the legal limit.
Reduced to Reckless Driving
DUI Charge
Client asleep in driver’s seat with engine running. Blood test reveals prescription drugs, marijuana and alcohol.

Costs of a DUI in Arvada, CO

In Colorado, it is estimated that a DUI conviction costs individuals up to $13,000 on average. Those expenses include alcohol treatment expenses, an average doubling of auto insurance premiums, court costs, fines, probation fees, and job loss. With all of that at stake, the cost of hiring an attorney with expertise in DUI cases can be minor in comparison. A skilled DUI attorney can identify problems in the case against you that might not be readily apparent to a non-expert. This can help to minimize the penalties against you, or even avoid a conviction entirely. It is also beneficial to hire a local attorney who handles many cases in Jefferson County Courts specifically, because they are familiar with the judges and opposing attorneys. 

DUI Cases in Arvada, CO

Driving Under the Influence cases in Arvada make up about 30% of the DUI arrests in Jefferson County. From 2016 to 2022, there have been an average of 382 DUI arrests in Arvada per year. The annual number of cases has been declining, from 467 in 2016 to 322 in 2022. The most significant dip in numbers was during Covid in 2020, but numbers have not gone back up since then. There are more than twice as many arrests of men for DUI in Arvada (225 in 2022) compared to women (97 in 2022). 

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Serving in the Arvada, CO Area

DUI Checkpoints and Enforcement in Arvada

The most recent sobriety checkpoints in Arvada were done in 2017. One was close to 64th and Ward near Arvada West High School, where out of 256 vehicles stopped, nine drivers were investigated for DUI, and six were arrested. The other was near 61st and Sheridan, where out of 305 vehicles stopped, nine drivers were investigated for DUI, and five were arrested. 

These DUI checkpoints were funded by the State of Colorado, and that funding was cut, so Arvada does not currently do any DUI checkpoints. However, the Arvada Police Department has two full-time DUI officers; their only assigned duty is to patrol for DUI offenders. They work alternate days, so there is a DUI officer on duty every day. Arvada also has five Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) on staff as well. A DRE is a police officer who is specifically trained to recognize impairment from drugs or alcohol. 

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Locations of Blood and Breath Test Administration in Arvada

All table-top breathalyzer tests and blood tests for DUI arrests are done at the Arvada Police Department Headquarters on Ralston Road near Olde Town. The Headquarters has an Intoxilyzer 9000 (I-9000) evidence breathalyzer machine for people who are doing a breath test. For blood tests, you will be brought to Headquarters, and the Arvada Fire Protection District’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel will be called in to give the test. A certified phlebotomist will do the blood draw in the back of an ambulance at the police station. 

The Arvada Police Department has four station locations: 

Headquarters (Near Olde Town)

8101 Ralston Road

Arvada, CO 80001


Lake Arbor Community Station (NE Arvada, near Wadsworth and 80th) 

8110 Vance Drive

Arvada, CO 80003


West Woods Community Station (West Arvada, near 64th and Indiana)

6644 Kendrick Drive

Arvada, CO 80007


Whisper Creek Community Station (NW Arvada, near Indiana and 90th, near Candelas and Five Parks)
14360 W 89 Drive

Arvada, CO 80005


Jefferson County Jail 

200 Jefferson County Pkwy 

Golden, CO 80419


Arvada DUI Defense Attorney

If you are facing DUI, DWAI or DUID charges in Arvada or anywhere in the Denver metro area, attorney Kevin Churchill has decades of experience representing people just like you. Please call our office for a free consultation, and for answers to many questions about what you should do next. 

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Mr. Churchill has been a positive influence, and has worked to help me in a time that I was in desperate need of counsel.
Mr. Churchill is a kind and compassionate counsel and a well versed attorney that was well received by the court. He really knew what he was doing and how best to represent me. It was clear that his experience with the court and judiciary personnel helped greatly on my behalf. I will, and am very pleased to recommend Mr. Churchill to anyone I know for the professional help he has provided.
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We would recommend Kevin Churchill as the absolute BEST.
Best attorney in Colorado for not just navigating the legal system and all that it entails but most importantly that Kevin and his team will take on the most serious of cases and get their clients the best possible outcome. No doubt if your circumstances are likely (by the law) to result in a very serious outcome you need the BEST possible attorney to represent you or your loved one. We would recommend Kevin Churchill as the absolute BEST. Call him when you are in need - he answers the phone and he cares.
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We will never forget what you did for us Kevin!
I was wrongly accused, and I contacted Kevin Churchill to defend me. He was always prompt in returning my phone calls. Kevin truly believed in me and was very determined to bring forth the truth, this means a lot when you know you are wrongly accused and don't know the process, Kevin took the time to answer all of my questions and truly listen to me. He was always honest with me which I really appreciate. We ended up taking to trial and his knowledge, determination, and professionalism was exceptional. He worked very hard to go through all of the evidence when preparing from my trial...
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Highly professional service.
Highly professional service. Kevin is extremely kind and caring, and always made himself available to communicate through phone or email. He guided me through the whole legal process and explained everything in a clear and understandable manner. I always felt that he had my best interest. Kevin is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
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His fees are very reasonable and worth every penny.
Kevin did an excellent job on my case. He guided me through the entire legal process providing clear answers and prompt follow-up. He is very professional and worked through all the case mitigation in detail plus proved to be an excellent spokesman and negotiator on my behalf. His fees are very reasonable and worth every penny.
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I have no doubt that Kevin Churchill was the best attorney in that courtroom.
Mr. Churchill skillfully represented me at my bond hearing, and again at my plea & setting appearance. Kevin most distinguished himself at my sentencing hearing. We met outside the courtroom to review procedure and finalize his presentation to the judge. As we were waiting for my opportunity to stand before the court, I thought of some important, but previously undisclosed facts & evidence, and shared them with Kevin by passing a note. He whispered a few questions to clarify the new information, then on the spot, with no prior notice revised his argument just in time to speak briefly with the D.A., and stand before the judge with me...
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