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How Do I Reinstate My Colorado Driver’s License?

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If you are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), you will probably lose your driving privileges for at least nine months. That time may be longer if this isn’t your first DUI conviction. This is the result of an administrative process, not the court system. After time passes and you’ve met specific requirements, you can try to get your license reinstated.

You must get your license reinstated after it’s suspended or revoked before you start driving again. If you’re caught driving before reinstating, you may face a Driving Under Revocation charge, which could result in serving time in jail. Another year will also be added to your revocation. You could face a Driving Under Revocation charge if your revocation period ended, but you didn’t go through the process of having it reinstated.

Different Time Frames Depending on the Situation

If you’ve never been convicted of a DUI before, and you agreed to a blood alcohol test (BAC) when you were arrested, you can try to get an early reinstatement the first day after your revocation begins. If you refused the BAC test, you must wait for 60 days after your revocation begins to apply.

Eligibility Requirements

If your license is revoked due to an alcohol or drug offense, you may be eligible for early reinstatement if you:

  • Use an ignition interlock device, or
  • Are eligible because you served the revocation period on all of your restraint actions
  • Are not under restraint for some other reason

An ignition interlock device is installed on your motor vehicle to prohibit you from operating it while you’re under the influence of alcohol. You breathe into it, and if no elevated alcohol level is detected, the engine can start. You may also need to provide breath samples while you drive.

For most convictions, you would be ordered to keep the device in your vehicle for nine months, but you may be able to remove it after four. If you refused a BAC test, or this is a subsequent DUI, you’d need to have the device for two years, and three years if your BAC was 0.15 or more.

Other reinstatement requirements include:

  • You are a Colorado resident
  • You were 21 years old or older at the time of the violation
  • You pay the reinstatement fee

You may also need to enroll in alcohol and therapy sessions and use an SR-22 insurance form. It’s not an insurance policy. This form requires your insurance carrier to notify the state Department of Motor Vehicles if your policy is canceled. Failure to keep the SR-22 current may result in another license suspension.

You can go through the reinstatement process online if you meet the qualifications.

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