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DUIs in Olde Town Arvada

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Olde Town Arvada boasts an eclectic group of over 12 primary drinking establishments. This includes sports bars, breweries, taverns, casual pubs, high-end wine bars, and less traditional places such as a bourbon lounge, a seltzer bar, and a hidden bar. Olde Town also has a large number of restaurants in the area, coffee shops, and ice cream shops.

All of these locations make Olde Town Arvada a favorite destination for a night out on the town for adults of all ages. Unfortunately many people who go out in Olde Town have a few drinks at the bar or with dinner, and then drive home, putting themselves and others at risk.

The Arvada Police Department seems to have increased awareness of the number of people drinking and then driving from Olde Town. The Arvada PD now has two officers whose only assigned job is DUI enforcement, and one of them is on duty every day. APD also has five Drug Recognition Experts who are specifically trained to identify impairment from alcohol or drugs. You can regularly see the police presence in the Olde Town area. The result of this is an increased number of DUI arrests in that eastern side of Arvada. There are approximately 400 total DUI arrests in Arvada each year.

Churchill DUI defense represents a significant number of DUI clients from Arvada, and at least 50% of them happened right in the vicinity around Olde Town, when people were leaving restaurants and bars in the area. One particular location that causes drivers issues is the intersection of Grant Place and Olde Wadsworth Blvd. Olde Wadsworth used to continue straight through this area, but the road is now diverted and there is a pedestrian walkway where the road used to be. Where the road ends, the driving route now turns left, but in front of you it looks like the road continues, and then there are some large curbs where the road used to be. People regularly are confused by the route turning, and they go straight, even when they’re not impaired. We have represented multiple DUI clients who ended up going straight at this intersection and drove up onto the pedestrian curb.

If you are arrested for suspected drinking and driving in Arvada, you will be given two possible options for an evidentiary test of your blood alcohol content (BAC): take a table-top breath test at the Arvada Police Headquarters on Ralston Road, or do a blood test. (See additional information about BAC test requirements here.)

The Intoxylizer breath test machine at the Arvada Police Headquarters location has had numerous instances of not working correctly recently, so if you experience issues with the test during your DUI arrest in Arvada, it is important that you seek the advice of an experienced DUI attorney like Kevin Churchill right away. He will help to protect your right to have an accurate and fair test of your BAC.

If you drink in Olde Town, choose a safe option for getting home that doesn’t involve you driving. You can plan ahead and have a designated driver, get on the light rail stop at Olde Town, or take a ride share. (But don’t ride your bike drunk! Coloradians love to ride their bikes as an alternative to driving, but keep in mind that you can be arrested for DUI on your bicycle with the same penalties as if you were driving a car!)

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