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"Throughout the entire case, Mr. Churchill was highly professional and compassionate. The case was a very difficult one from a legal standpoint and through his knowledge of the law he was able to get an unexpectedly excellent result. He was there for us not only in the legal sense but in an emotionally supportive manner as well. I would absolutely recommend him. He fought for us, and we will forever be grateful for his expertise and the outcome it provided."
- KC

"I was falsely charged with domestic violence and Kevin Churchill got my case dismissed. I was intimidated by trying to find a criminal defense attorney. I had never needed an attorney before and didn't know anything about what to do or who I should call. I was very impressed with how Mr. Churchill handled my case. He obviously cared about getting a good result for me. He was able to see in the evidence that I was defending myself, and my ex boyfriend was the one who should have been charged with a crime, not me. When I heard him talk about my case, I got confident that he would get a good result, but never expected the case would get completely dismissed. Now I still have a clean criminal record because of him, and am able to continue my career as a teacher. Thank you so much Mr. Churchill."
- AW